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Trading Oil After Drone Strike Sends Prices Rocketing

Trading Oil After Drone Strike Sends Prices Rocketing

Oil prices are erupting on Monday, following a drone strike in the Middle East over the weekend. It’s got light crude rallying 12.1% to $61.15 per barrel, while energy stocks charge higher as well. For instance, the SPDR Energy Sector ETF (XLE) is up about 3% to $62.90 in midday Monday trading, with many individual

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Gold Prices Are Pointing to a Significant Decline in the Bond Market

Bond investors should brace themselves for a significant reversal. While corporate fixed-income has done well these past few months, the gold market suggests that may be coming to an end soon. The problem is that a rallying bond market and surging gold prices would seem to be incompatible, according to new research. “Fixed-income investors should

Fourth of July Gas Prices Creep Higher, But Remain 15 Cents Lower Than 2018

U.S. gas prices are creeping higher this week, owing to an extended rally in global oil markets and a weaker dollar, but drivers are still set to pay some 15 cents less per gallon over the July Fourth holiday and the weekend that follows, adding more than $100 million in extra spending power to the


Gold Hits Fresh Six-Year High as Bond Yields Tumble, Dollar Slides

Gold prices climbed to a fresh six-year high Monday, while the U.S. dollar extended declines and some European government bonds hit new all-time lows, as investors retreated into risk-free assets ahead of this weekend’s G20 Summit in Japan and simmering military tensions in the Gulf Region. Spot gold prices hit $1,438.63 per ounce in overnight


Why the ‘+’ in OPEC+ Matters to Oil Markets

A new term has emerged in the world of crude oil price analysis: “OPEC+”. The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and its new crude-producing allies make up OPEC+, with the “+” consisting of ten additional oil-producing nations, the largest three being Russia, Mexico and Kazakhstan. April Meeting Cancelled In the same way that people focus

Vale’s Woes Could Be Good News for U.S. Steel Stocks

The drama surrounding the tragic dam collapse in Brazil’s Minas Gerais province continued to unfold on Monday. Over the weekend, Vale (VALE) CEO Fabio Schvartsman stepped down—albeit temporarily—amid questions of collusion and huge fines in connection with Vale’s late-January mining disaster. Vale stock has dropped 0.4% to $12.34. In addition to the human costs, the