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Stocks Haven’t Progressed Much in Past Two Weeks

Stocks Haven’t Progressed Much in Past Two Weeks

The S&P 500 is exactly four points higher than it was two weeks ago. Yes I know it feels like it’s done nothing but go up but it turns out the last two weeks of October have been a chop-fest. And more than that, it’s had one of the widest ranges we’ve seen in quite

Why the latest round of rock-bottom ETF fees may be a non-event for investors

Is the ETF fee war nearing a cease-fire? Over the past several years, the primary trend in the fund industry has been a massive shift into not just passive products, but also low-fee ones. Exchange-traded funds, which on average charge less than their mutual-fund equivalents, have been among the primary beneficiaries of this shift. But

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Activist Fund Wants Credit Suisse Broken Into Three Parts

Swiss hedge fund RBR Capital Advisers is set to unleash an activist campaign seeking to break up Credit Suisse Group AG   (CS ) . According to the Financial Times, citing sources, RBR Capital has accumulated a stake of between 0.2% and 0.3% and has put together a presentation it will release later this week

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How Index Funds Help Activists Secretly Buy Blocks

Activist investor Andrew Shapiro is keeping a close eye on June 22. That’s because the FTSE Russel is expected to rebalance its Russell 3000 index on or around that day and he sees it as a tremendous opportunity to accumulate a significant position in a potential target company. “A lot of index funds go in

Trump govt offers nuclear plant $3.7B support

The Trump administration on Friday offered an additional $3.7 billion in loan guarantees to a troubled nuclear power plant project in Georgia that is billions over budget and years behind schedule, raising the total federal loan guarantees to $12 billion. Energy Secretary Rick Perry said it was important for the U.S. government to support the

Here’s How Bill Ackman Is Trying to Appeal to Big Investors In ADP Battle

Embattled billionaire activist Bill Ackman late Friday appealed to institutional investors in his boardroom battle at Automatic Data Processing (ADP )  by urging the payroll processor to set up an election system giving shareholders more flexibility to pick among dissident director candidates and incumbent board members. Ackman is seeking to elect a minority slate of

Quoting Bond villain, new gold ETF takes aim at rivals on fees

The ETF pricing war is heating up and moving into parts of the market that had previously shown some resistance to the downward pressure that has otherwise prompted fund sponsors to repeatedly shave their fees. A new gold-tracking exchange-traded fund launched on Thursday, and it offers a notably lower expense ratio than its larger, more-established