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Latest Big Chip Deal Is an Encouraging Sign for Semiconductor M&A

Latest Big Chip Deal Is an Encouraging Sign for Semiconductor M&A

For a chip industry that had seen M&A activity slow to a halt amid heightened trade tensions, Renesas’s $7.2 billion deal, announced on Tuesday, to buy Integrated Device Technology (IDTI) ¬†is a sight for sore eyes. Certainly, the fact that Renesas is a Japanese company, rather than an American one, might have much to do


Samsung’s Phone Woes Will Be Hard to Fix Until Big Hardware Innovations Arrive

It’s hardly a shock that sales of Samsung’s (SSNLF) latest flagship phones appear to have been soft last quarter, given the numbers that rivals and chip suppliers have been reporting. The big question now is what innovations can get the smartphone market out of its current rut, and how quickly they’ll arrive. Samsung’s shares fell


Key Takeaways from Microsoft, Qualcomm, Alibaba and PayPal’s Earnings

Microsoft (MSFT) , Qualcomm (QCOM) and PayPal¬† (PYPL) all reported after the close on Wednesday (along with Facebook), and Alibaba (BABA) reported on Thursday morning. Alibaba fell sharply, as did PayPal, which has been stung by news that eBay (EBAY) will stop using PayPal as its “primary” payments processor in 2020. Microsoft and Qualcomm have